Denver Low-Rise: New Domestic Forms of Collective Living
Core Graduate Studio

Denver Low-Rise: Common Ground was the second core design studio in the 3-Year M.Arch program at the University of Colorado Denver and the winner of the 2024 ACSA/AIA Housing Design Education Award. The course focused on a small-scale design problem, speculating on a paradigm of affordable housing.

Over the decades following World War II, the evolution and growth of the average American household have been predominantly informed by the conventional single-family housing model. Developed around the idea of a nuclear family as the basic social unit, housing has followed a cultural shift toward the individualization of formerly shared domestic spaces and the domestication of formerly public programs. For instance, the inclusion of private gardens, swimming pools, and laundry facilities into postwar American housing projects contributed to the proliferation of single-family residences across the nation, along with the expansion of roads and freeways that feed it.